Custom Brokerage Turkey

We’re ready to help you about export/import  shipments. Working with professional and experienced custom broker partners in Turkey.

Avemes is not only a foreign trade firm, but also obliges itself to provide services to its customers in all matters.Our company aims to provide the highest quality service to manufacturers and buyers in customs clearance.


For this reason, we prevent possible surprise costs by informing you of all expenses. We guarantee to complete the customs clearance in the fastest way with close and instant follow-up during the customs inspection stages.

Instead of talking to several companies for a single shipment, we offer all services together.

You can reach us at any time by e-mail and phone. You can get information about our services and solutions. Our team is famous for their early response to emails. And our team is aware that being fast is always a win.

When you write to us which sector you need material for, we find the relevant companies without any additional fees for market research and make our pricing by adding a very small profit.

We only work with manufacturers that have proven their production volume and reliability. For this, we research the reports of the producers or buyers, the company structure and share them with you.