Import Consulting to Turkey

We search for suppliers for the products you want to import from abroad and list them for you. There are thousands of companies from hundreds of sectors registered in our company’s database.

By negotiating with suppliers, we do all import transactions on your behalf and deliver to your warehouse.When choosing the suppliers we use, we check previous trade records and find the most reliable ones.


At the same time between importers with a company that you have found in Turkey, we are helping to create a bond.

Or we keep track of all your transactions with the supplier you have found. At the same time, we provide surveillance services for the products you find and ensure your trade.

As a company, it is our priority to simplify your trade and to perform all processes quickly. We provide all your connections by minimizing your time loss.

You can reach us at any time by e-mail and phone. You can get information about our services and solutions. Our team is famous for their early response to emails. And our team is aware that being fast is always a win.

When you write to us which sector you need material for, we find the relevant companies without any additional fees for market research and make our pricing by adding a very small profit.

We only work with manufacturers that have proven their production volume and reliability. For this, we research the reports of the producers or buyers, the company structure and share them with you.